Treat your body well…it will return the favor

PTs and Patient ImageWhen disease or injury changes your life, our skilled, caring physical therapists will help you on the road of the recovery.

At Community Physical Therapy we love what we do. We are in the business of taking care of people, not just rehabilitating injury. Not only do we practice the science of healing by continually seeking new knowledge, but we have highly developed the art of caring. Throughout your experience at Community Physical Therapy we hope you will feel like a part of our family, because we will care for you like our own.

How can Community Physical Therapy help you?

Rosa Tranchina ImageRosa Tranchina,
Herniated Disc

I have been attending physical therapy at CPT for the past 6 weeks and have had great results. I definitely feel much better… When I started I could not walk properly and had lots of pain in my leg and knee and now with all the help from Community Physical Therapy I am able to walk like my normal self. Thank you all for your time and your help."

Susan Rabinowitz ImageSusan Rabinowitz,
Low Back Pain/ Arthritis

"Unfortunately, due to several health issues, I have been a patient of Community Physical Therapy for many years. However, I believe that they are miracle workers and have helped me countless times in overcoming my physical challenges. They are a caring and compassionate facility and do their utmost to help you. I recommend this facility completely."

Deborah Gross ImageDeborah Gross,
Shoulder Surgery /Rotator Cuff Tear

"In Feb 2010 I had left shoulder surgery for a torn labrum, shredded rotator cuff, and a spur. I had no idea of what I was about to embark upon. Roz and Andrew, as well as all their staff, put me at ease on my first day. The ladies at the front desk always greeted me with a warm welcome and they offered to help me with my coat. Roz and Andrew never pushed me beyond what I could handle. I never felt rushed and they were always available to review an exercise, should I ask. It is a great physical therapy place where each person is treated with special care and professionalism."

Alberto DeJesus ImageAlberto DeJesus,
Lumbar Fusion Surgery

"Community Physical Therapy is not just a company, it’s a team that works together…The main objective of the staff is to help everyone to achieve their goals, yet they manage to care for their clients like friends. While other companies may believe that machines can do everything, the therapists at Community Physical Therapy use a lot of hands-on care to help people improve. I have had 2 back surgeries and unfortunately need a third one. I am so thankful for all the help that I have received so that I am strong enough recover from the next surgery."

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